Activities In & Around Mosaic

To experience the Cape Whale Coast is to experience a majesty unlike any other. The air is clean, the water is clear and the scenery is spectacular. We are so excited about our home away from home and we want you to share it with you. Come get on one of our kayaks and venture into the Hermanus Lagoon. Stroll down the Walker Bay dunes and find your peace. Drink the ancient drink of wine and live in its flavor. We invite you to experience this with us, book your dream vacation today!
Reservations at our Luxury Lagoon Lodge come inclusive with the aforementioned activities, whereas they are extra for those staying in our private cottages. Wherever you lodge, you are assured to experience the adventures of the Hermanus, the stillness of the land, and the affability of our staff. Experience Hermanus.
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Mosaic Lagoon Lodge