Autumn is Africa’s best travel season, especially in the Overberg.

Autumn is Africa’s best travel season, especially in the Overberg.

Easter is synonymous with gatherings with family and friends, new beginnings, and, for us in the southern hemisphere, the start of the mild autumn season – an ideal time to travel. From March into May, landscapes show off their warm golden colours, and holidaymakers enjoy the days’ milder temperatures and cooler evenings. While we’re certainly grateful for the rain, you won’t be restricted by wet wintery weather. Pack up the family or meet up with friends for a spontaneous country escape in the Overberg.

Here are just a few reasons we love this region over Easter.

We can still picnic.

Find the perfect picnic spot along the lagoon at Mosaic, by the pool, or plan a beach excursion to Walker Bay where you can explore the mysteries of a stone-age cave. Or take an 8 km beach walk where you may encounter sleeping seals that flip-flop back into the ocean when you wake them. No matter your location preference, a delectable picnic is a must and can be pre-booked through our reception.

Fireside Tales and Smores

From our bedside fireplaces to outdoor bomas and fire pits at Lagoon Lodge, Mosaic understands the magic of sitting in front of a crackling fire and enjoying the company of friends, family, or even a favourite book. After a full day of activities, as the evening air becomes a little crisper, join us next to our large indoor fireplace for fine cuisine and wine while taking in the views of the lagoon.

Explore by bike or byfoot.

Autumn is full of fresh air, rosy cheeks and gorgeous sunsets – all of which can be achieved by getting out an about early in the morning to explore the estate and its surrounds. You might prefer a stroll along the lagoon, but there’s also a more challenging mountain bike adventure and plenty of hiking, trail running and biking trails nearby. Read more about our trail options here.

Sunsets that show off.

Some of the most magnificent sunsets happen in the Overberg. Sit back and enjoy as nature shows off the most spectacular hues, blooming with pinks, reds and oranges. We find that a locally-produced sparkling wine enhances the experience. 😉

Decadent food and wine.

vegetables plucked from our garden and home bakes to name a few) are one of the top reasons we love autumn at Mosaic. During these autumn months, the breathtaking landscapes of local farms and vineyards get only more beautiful. The area is also a little quieter at this time of year, and you can take the opportunity to visit some of the more popular eateries and wine estates without the hustle and bustle of high season. Or ‘stay home’ with us, for South African cuisine that’s world-class and cooked with all the hearty feels of home.

Finally read that book.

We all long for some quiet time when we can switch off, take a deep breath and indulge in an activity that is purely good for the soul.  For many, it’s the luxury of curling up with a good book and a great cup of cocoa that makes a trip. Imagine doing this in the tranquil surrounds of the Mosaic Private Sanctuary, with nothing but the songs of the birds to keep you company.

The Easter holiday really is the best opportunity to explore our region and take advantage of all that is on offer. So, gather your family and friends and join us this Easter for some rest, relaxation and autumn foraging.

We look forward to sharing our love and passion for Mosaic Private Sanctuary with you.

With love from the Lagoon,
Breese, Kathryn, Marcelino, Simone & The Mosaic Team

The Legend of Sopiesklip

The Legend of Sopiesklip

There are several stories about Sopiesklip, a rock formation on the beach between Hermanus and De Kelders. For our international readers, ‘Sopie’ is an Afrikaans word for taking a sip or a drink – so basically, the sipping rock.

One story tells about fishermen in the past between 1855 and 1950, when boats were still manned by rowing teams and sails. When the wind picked up and it was stormy some of these fishing boats and crew would wash out on Walker Bay. These poor fishermen were drenched and close to hyperthermia. Over time fishermen carved out the hole at Sopiesklip, to cache bottles of brandy. Sopiesklip of course was a welcoming shelter for stranded fishermen where they could revive and sip on a bottle or two of brandy to fight off the elements.

Above: The wave action eroded the sand underneath the left side of the rock formation and the whole left side cracked and fell.


The most popular story, passed on from one generation to the other, tells the story of inhabitants of Gansbaai traveling along the coast to Hermanus to buy their weekly provisions. Sopiesklip was the halfway point where these travellers would stop to rest in the shade of the rocks. There was always time to enjoy a drink or two before moving on with their ox-wagons.

Rumour has it that a modern-day “strandloper” lived there for many years. Jacobus Claude (Kowie) Otto, known as ‘Oom Otto’, was an avid fisherman who carved a shelter out of the porous limestone to create a “paradise”. He would stay there for long periods fishing with his friend Piet Gideon and daughter Lena surviving on a diet of Galjoen fish, oats, coffee, bread and butter.

Find out more about the pristine coastline flanking Mosaic on one of our late afternoon sundowner excursions to Walker Bay and enjoy a ‘sopie’ of your own overlooking the gorgeous waters.

Walker Bay Beach Excursions are included as part of your experience at our Luxury Lagoon Lodge. If you stay in one of our Mosaic Cottages you can reserve a beach excursion as an extra during your visit.

What is Luxury?

What is Luxury?

What is luxury?

It is different things or experiences for different people.

At Mosaic we may define luxury differently from some others.

It is not the rare or expensive imported from far away to impress with name brands.

It is the use of local resources to give a unique and uniquely pleasurable experience of what our area has to offer.

Our buildings incorporate wood, stone and thatch from the property.

Our cuisine is based on local products including fresh fish, game meats, charcuterie, seasonal produce from our organic garden, and the fantastic range of local wines.

Spa services and bath amenities featuring Rain products, Cape-crafted from African botanicals.

And there is at the core of all experiences the place in Nature. The specific spot which offers its riches to our guests.

In this modern world where manmade items, even expensive and “rare” are so readily available, perhaps space to enjoy an experience is the supreme luxury.

1000 Ha fronting 3 km of the lagoon, one of South Africa’s most important estuaries, with a view across to a magnificent mountain range.

Birdlife of amazing beauty and variety- approximately 175 species.

Great seasonal treasures of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the world’s most varied.

Access to a secluded and uninterrupted 16km stretch of beach where often our guests are the only visitors other than birds and seals on the sand, and dolphins and whales in the sea.

Access provided by foot, mountain bike, quad bike, open air game viewer, kayak, and pontoon boat.

Enjoyment made possible by our staff:

warm as the African sun

sweet as the ripest fruit

as welcoming as a gentle breeze

Wake to the golden glow of morning sun hearing only birdsong and the rustle of the wind in the trees.

Hike through the wildflowers.

Float along the lagoon shore birdwatching.

Imbibe sundowners on the lagoon jetty, lodge deck, hilltop or beach.

Dine al fresco or by a crackling fire.

Marvel at the stars and Milky Way night sky and realize there is nothing south but Antarctica.

Nothing from Paris or Milan.

Africa, expansive and natural at its best is Mosaic luxury.

Fins, Flippers & Felines

Fins, Flippers & Felines

There’s no shortage of things to do at Mosaic Private Sanctuary. From beach trips to Walker Bay to kayaking on the lagoon and quad bike rides exploring the surrounds, you can stay busy without leaving Mosaic’s 1,000 hectare sanctuary.  Bird-watching from the private decks at the 5-star Lagoon Lodge is sure to relax you – snuggling alongside the fireplace or enjoying a glass of the Overberg’s finest wines in the lapa bar. But with whale watching in season now, shark cage diving, and a wild cat sanctuary a short drive away, Mosaic’s central location affords convenient visits to three of the area’s greatest creature attractions?

In nearby Gansbaai you’ll see that what swims beneath the waves is big business. Shark Cage Diving is one of the most popular draw cards for visitors. If a close encounter with a Great White is on your bucket list, we are happy to secure your booking during a stay at Mosaic Private Sanctuary.

Each winter South Africa’s southern shores welcome back the magnificent Southern Right Whale, and with Mosaic perfectly positioned on the famed “Whale Coast”, you’ll be ideally placed to enjoy some magnificent whale watchingfrom nearby Walker Bay. Guests to Mosaic are taken on 4×4 excursions to a secluded part of the gorgeous Walker Bay Beach and Nature Reserve. The sand dunes offer a natural vantage point from which to enjoy whale sightings, and the experience can be coupled with sundowners, a beach walk, or exploration of rock caves. Beach excursions are included in a stay at Lagoon Lodge and a favorite guest activity.

Panthera Africa
, situated just outside Stanford, is an ethical sanctuary for big cats. With lions, tigers, leopard and caracals calling the haven home, visitors to the sanctuary can experience the magnificence of these big felines while supporting the strong educational ethos of Panthera:

Blushing to Complement the Flora

Blushing to Complement the Flora

As fynbos and wildflowers spring to life throughout the Western Cape, the team at Mosaic have an extra flash of colour in our cheeks – we’re blushing with pride! Amazing TripAdvisor reviews have been arriving, and we’re thrilled that our guests have had memorable, and relaxing breakaways with us.

The accommodation is superb, the food is incredible and the staff are nothing short of amazing! Thank You Mosaic, for a truly memorable weekend!

190Tracy via TripAdvisor

I would recommend mosaic to anyone wanting a romantic or family getaway in a spectacular setting.

Fed H via TripAdvisor

When people take the time to review us, their input and insights are always welcome, regardless of which end of the rating scale they may fall. Hospitality is never a race, but a journey – you’re not aiming to reach a point and then stop, satisfied with reaching some level of service delivery. It doesn’t work like that. You constantly look at where you are today, and move forward – tweaking, improving, and above all – learning. At Mosaic, we will continue to do the little things that delight you:

Everyone we met was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Our lodge had a game lodge feel and was equipped with anything you need. Mungo towels and rain bath products added to it. The mini bar had a nice selection and there was even a lemon for your Gin&Tonics (something I have not come across anywhere else so far).

js_bcn via TripAdvisor

However, attention to detail would mean nothing without the enthusiasm, and passion of our staff – and it’s tangible.

Marcelino, Jennifer, and the rest of the staff were just excellent–always trying to find ways to improve our stay

Michael J via TripAdvisor

 From a ‘friendly service perspective’, probably one of the best places I have ever been to.

KristinMW via Trip Advisor

 Vivienne is the dictionary entry for professionalism, warmth and hard work. She does this (and running up and down between your table and The Spookhuis) with a smile on her face and her passion and energy is contagious! She is the star of the show whilst Marcelino, the General Manager goes out of his way to mingle and interact with guests by sharing his vast knowledge of nature, fauna and flora due to his prior experience as a guide in some of Africa’s finest destinations. Marcelino is a true professional and one can feel the warmth and passion he and his staff exude.

720etienneb via TripAdvisor

So, as we prepare our rooms for the next guest arrival, cook up the next meal in our 1892 Spookhuis kitchen, and position a vase, or a book ‘just so’, we take this moment to thank our guests for taking time out of their busy lives to review us, write to us, or like us on Facebook.