What is luxury?

It is different things or experiences for different people.

At Mosaic we may define luxury differently from some others.

It is not the rare or expensive imported from far away to impress with name brands.

It is the use of local resources to give a unique and uniquely pleasurable experience of what our area has to offer.

Our buildings incorporate wood, stone and thatch from the property.

Our cuisine is based on local products including fresh fish, game meats, charcuterie, seasonal produce from our organic garden, and the fantastic range of local wines.

Spa services and bath amenities featuring Rain products, Cape-crafted from African botanicals.

And there is at the core of all experiences the place in Nature. The specific spot which offers its riches to our guests.

In this modern world where manmade items, even expensive and “rare” are so readily available, perhaps space to enjoy an experience is the supreme luxury.

1000 Ha fronting 3 km of the lagoon, one of South Africa’s most important estuaries, with a view across to a magnificent mountain range.

Birdlife of amazing beauty and variety- approximately 175 species.

Great seasonal treasures of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the world’s most varied.

Access to a secluded and uninterrupted 16km stretch of beach where often our guests are the only visitors other than birds and seals on the sand, and dolphins and whales in the sea.

Access provided by foot, mountain bike, quad bike, open air game viewer, kayak, and pontoon boat.

Enjoyment made possible by our staff:

warm as the African sun

sweet as the ripest fruit

as welcoming as a gentle breeze

Wake to the golden glow of morning sun hearing only birdsong and the rustle of the wind in the trees.

Hike through the wildflowers.

Float along the lagoon shore birdwatching.

Imbibe sundowners on the lagoon jetty, lodge deck, hilltop or beach.

Dine al fresco or by a crackling fire.

Marvel at the stars and Milky Way night sky and realize there is nothing south but Antarctica.

Nothing from Paris or Milan.

Africa, expansive and natural at its best is Mosaic luxury.